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Use of paypal password in Paypal express payment

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I have last version of paypal appv5018. If a buyer makes his first shopping with paypal express without registration in osc store, buyers data do sign in from paypal in a database as we can see in a table customers. It saves also encrypted password. There are no problems in first shopping. But in the next shopping, when paypal page brings customer back on oscommerce login.php password from paypal is not correct and buyer has to, if he wants to sign in, go through a procedure as he is forgotten password (password_forgotten.php). When we make a reconstruction of a password (we put the same one as in paypal account) we are redirected while shopping to mypage/express.php?osC Action=retrieve token=EC-5C42...... instead of on mypage/checkout_confirmation.

Did I miss something in admin settings, is there a problem in password encryption method?

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The instructions for the Paypal App are:


Customer Accounts

PayPal Express Checkout allows guest purchases to be made without the customer needing to create or log into their local store account. A local customer account is however created when they return back to the store from the Express Checkout flow to keep track of the order.

If the Set Password account content module is not installed, the automatically created account is assigned a randomly generated password which is e-mailed to the customers e-mail address PayPal provides.

If the Set Password account content module is installed, the password is left empty and no e-mail is sent to the customer. The customer then has the opportunity to set their own password in the My Account page during their session or they will only able to log in again through Log In with PayPal or PayPal Express Checkout when their next order is made.


Does that help?

Let's make things easier for new osCommerce users http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/402638-discussion-about-hard-coded-database-tables/?p=1718900  Getting there with osCommerce 2.4! :thumbsup:

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