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Upgrade from old version, problem with addon

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After problems with our soon to be old website (v2.2rc2a) i'm in charge of putting up a new one.


I have successfully converted the database and have put everything working.


Now my problem is the following, we only need 1 addon and that is different price based on quantity.

After some research i found out that the addon used was Simple Price Break 1.2.


I tried put that to work with this version of OSC but without much success, the produts with prices that change on quantity show at 0.00€.

Now for the prices they are stored on the database on a table price_discount with the data following "qty:price, qty:price" such as "200:0.95, 500:0.90" example.


Is there a compatible addon with this version that could help me? Or can i adapt this one to work with some help?




I tried to follow the install procedures but files changed with version so lines said there arent the same, some dont even exist.


i got this warnings on edit page of product:


Warning: reset() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in D:\xampp\htdocs\oscommercenew\admin\includes\classes\object_info.php on line 17

Warning: Variable passed to each() is not an array or object in D:\xampp\htdocs\oscommercenew\admin\includes\classes\object_info.php on line 18




Thank you for helping

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Last addons works well but isnt what i want, i want different prices per quantity per item, that one allows me only to create a different price per quantity for all items.

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Why not post what problems you are actually having with the addon that you want to use, and see if anyone is prepared to give you the free help you are after.


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Are you referring to individual items?


Maybe you can try it this way to see if it helps:


Discount Units
Are AMOUNT values below expressed as a percentage or as currency units (e.g. dollars)

currency per item

Discount Basis
How quantity totals are computed

Total By Category
Total By Item
Total

Counting Method
Are LEVEL values below expressed in number of items or currency units (e.g. dollars spent)


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