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Authorize.net - There has been an error processing your credit card

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Just switching from Paypal to Authorize.net and having an issue.  The transaction actually gets processed and everything seems to work up until the point it comes back to the payment confirmation page.  I then get:


There has been an error processing your credit card
Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method.
As I said the transaction actually does go through, but something that comes back from them is not telling osc to do the right thing.
I'm using the AIM Version: 2.1, API Version: 3.1.
Interestingly if I use the SIM version it does exactly the same thing.
The debug email reads:


[x_response_code] => -1
[x_response_subcode] => -1
[x_response_reason_code] => -1


[cc_owner_firstname] => Philip
[cc_owner_lastname] => Day
[cc_number_nh-dns] => XXXX4622
[cc_expires_month] => XX
[cc_expires_year] => XX
[cc_ccv_nh-dns] => XXX

I've searched for this and see it is a common problem, but never found a solution.  So if anyone knows how to fix this, I'd sure be grateful in knowing how.  Thanks!

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