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CK Editor

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Hello all.


I only have a very basic understanding of the concept of editing Oscommerce.


I am running version osc 2.3.4.


I have not been able to find an answer to my question on the forum.


I have just installed CK Editor, (4.6.2_basic) as per instructions from the Community Add-Ons page, which seems to be working fine for my “products description”, however I want to be able to use it for editing the information pages.


The instructions state to repeat the example edit of the catagories.php for other areas that have a textarea, where do I find this textarea for the information pages?


Be gentle, I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks!



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Hello Shaun @@RAC,


The text of the information pages in a base OsCommerce installation are not stored in the database and can't therefore be edited like the other product/category texts in a CK Editor enhanced text field.


The information pages text is stored in the page language files like:





You can edit them in:

admin/tools/define languages/

select the respective language file and it opens the language definitions for the selected language.

In the upper right corner you can change the language in the language drop down menu if you have more than one installed.

Make your changes and save.


It may be better to use a text editor to modify a local copy and upload your modified file via FTP.


There are add-ons available which allow to edit the information pages like you wish in a CK editor enhanced text field.

Search in the add-on area for information pages.

For example:




Hope this helps



Edited by raiwa

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Hello Rainer.


Thank you for the reply.


I will have a good look through the files and addons you suggest, at least I have somewhere to look now!


Thanks again.



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I have attempted to install “EDIT PAGES” from the addons as suggested but I am getting an error message :



1146 - Table 'retroant_osco478.linuxuk_edit_page_privacy' doesn't exist

select * from linuxuk_edit_page_privacy where linuxuk_edit_privacy_language_id = 1




Now I am a little confused with the beginning instructions :


*This add on assumes that your site is inside the catalog folder and that your admin folder is called admin, if this is not the case you need to make changes before you start.


Does this mean the File Manager “catalog”? which in my case is “1oscom”, therefore, do I need to change my file name to “catalog”?


Or am I missing something else?



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