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Thanks again @raiwa
I had the hooks installed properly. Turns out my problem was that my shopping_cart wasn't modularized. 


So I installed the modular shopping cart and things seem to be working a bit better now. The variables MODULE_CONTENT_SC_PRODUCT_LISTING_QTPRO_CART_BUTTON_UPDATE and MODULE_CONTENT_SC_PRODUCT_LISTING_QTPRO_CART_BUTTON_REMOVE needed to be defined in includes/languages/english/module/content/shopping_cart/cm_sc_product_listing_qtpro.php. (They weren't there already for some reason.)

Now, the only problem left is that the modular shopping cart isn't showing the attributes anymore. Just the dashes, no attribute text. I'm using the stock cm_sc_product_listing_qtpro so I doubt that's the problem.

I've had this issue before, and posted about it earlier in this thread. Back then I fixed the issue (though not knowing how or why it worked) by using FOREACH instead of WHILE, but that fix doesn't seem to be working anymore.

What else could be causing empty attributes in the shopping cart?

Any ideas?


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Well. Again. Replacing the WHILE with a FOREACH actually did solve the problem. (I still don't understand why though) I swear I tried it like 3 times, since I remembered that had fixed my problem before I guess I had not done so properly.

My apologies for all the posts. Problem solved. Moving on. Thanks!

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Hi @raiwa - I tested QTpro Phoenix 7.2.0 on my Phoenix store Version and found that when you add your quantities by attributes on the product page, the summary stock resets back to 0 upon clicking the save button. QTPro Doctor detects the quantity discrepancies between summary stock and options stock, so I go back to the product page > Attributes Stock tab and then click on the "Set the summary stock to: x" the total quantity updates OK, but again when clicking on the save button, the summary stock defaults back to 0. Did you test this version of QTpro on Phoenix Version and did you see this happen too?


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Hi Alix @alix32,

I just checked on my Phoenix develop store and can confirm this behaviour. I'm not sure, but I believe this was always like this.

Anyway you can easy adjust the total quantity using the button:

Automatic Solutions Avaliable:

Set the summary stock to:XX

ANd even you won't correct the total quantity, it has no effect on the correct stock showing and stock check working on the public store side.

Maybe I'll address this in the next update which is planned for the Phoenix release.


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Hi Rainer,

I'm on OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.7.10 and getting the the follwing error if editing a product that has no attributes, if I try to save.

Notice: Undefined index: stockquantity in /includes/hooks/admin/categories/catQtPro.php on line 32

I disabled all other category hooks and don't  know what I may be missing.

Best regards


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Hi Christoph,

I do not get this error in my Phoenix develop store which is the version for which QTPro 7.2.0 is tested.

However a notice error shouldn't prevent it to work, but you could try this in the mentioned line:

    $stockquantity = $_POST['stockquantity'] ?? '';

The next update is planned for the Phoenix release which will address it.

Edited by raiwa

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