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Login via PayPal? Date of birth and gender is missing

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Hello oscommerce community,

Has unfortunately the problem that with registrations with "Login via PayPal" the salutation / gender as well as the date of birth is not accepted?
In the settings of the PayPal app, I have selected it under Login / Configuration, of course, and also in the created app on

In the admin area under the PayPal app / log, all data are transferred, but gender and the date of birth are not passed on to the shop / customer account.

Does anyone have the problem?
Or what could that be?

Greetings, Frank

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I'm not familiar wirh "Login via PayPal", but I'm wondering if this kind of personal information (gender, DOB, etc.) is restricted by data privacy rules? Maybe PayPal doesn't permit it to be transferred to other applications. Are you operating within the EU by any chance? Just a thought... Is this data originating on PayPal, or is it entered into osCommerce? Is there any chance that the two are not hooking up correctly and you end up creating a new (different) account from PayPal, rather than hooking up with the intended osC account information?

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Thanks for the answer.

The data are available from paypal. You can see this under the Log / Userinfo (paypal-app).

The problem is with me the Gender and Day of Birth is not accepted in oscommerce / customer account. All other data is created correctly.

Best regards,


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