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Languages navbar shows English all the time

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Added language to the Navbar via admin: Modules->Navbar Modules->Languages.

In the Navbar I seen then: L: English and an arrow down glyphicon.

I choose Dutch, I get the Dutch pages, but the Navbar still shows L:English.


Would be nice if it remembers with an active tag or so the current language

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Reason: includes/languages/dutch/modules the map navbar_modules was missing.
Solution: copy the directory navbar_modules from includes/languages/english/modules to includes/languages/dutch/modules.
Then edit file: nb_languages.php:

change define('MODULE_NAVBAR_LANGUAGES_SELECTED_LANGUAGE', '<abbr title="Selected Language">L:</abbr> English <span class="caret"></span>');


define('MODULE_NAVBAR_LANGUAGES_SELECTED_LANGUAGE', '<abbr title="Selected Language">L:</abbr> Nederlands <span class="caret"></span>');


Personally I don't like the L: in front so I removed that from the english and the dutch nb_languages.php file

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