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header tags Color Box missing

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In the default osC (version 2.3.4 Edge) I click on an image and see a nice "colorbox" then.

But now somehow I lost the colorbox in the admin part: Modules -> Header Tags ->(install module).
At the "install module" button there are no modules listed. And the installed header tags only have this: what went wrong??


Canonical Header Links 400   Category Title 200 icon_info.gif Google AdWords Conversion Tracking 0 icon_info.gif Google Analytics 0 icon_info.gif MailChimp E-Commerce 360 0 icon_info.gif Manufacturer Title 100 icon_info.gif OpenSearch 0 icon_info.gif Product Title 300 icon_info.gif Robot NoIndex 500 icon_info.gif Twitter Card


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must be something with the configuration table in the database, it differs between a working site and this site where it is vanished.

I have to see if I can empty the configuration table from this site with 2700 products and copy in the table from the other working domain (the working domain has the default oSC products) so might be tricky.
When I open both configuration tables (site one and site 2) and search for ht_product_colorbox then only the default osC 2.3.4.BS3 Edge version has a lot of it included.

site 1 has 365 rows in this table and site 2 has 510 rows in this table :-(

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I edited in the database table the field


ht_product_colorbox was not added there, so I added it manually at the end of the content (preceding with a ;)

Strange thing is that after I edited that directly, I had finally the "install modules" button filled again with 11 possible header tag modules I can install.

Up to the next thing I might encounter, this one is fixed (I hope)

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