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No New Customer visibile in login or login customer blank

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Issue is solved, but I don't know how it could happen. Some tables missing or empty in the sql?

I installed a new "gburton bs3 edge osC".

From other domain I converted the database according to the conversion script from the gburton git pages.

Imported that database, nice finally looks much better all, but......

Login for existing and new customers were missing.

Looking in Admin->Modules-Content I did see the modules "Create Account Link" and "Login Form" but it had nothing to edit, no fields to edit came up, also the "sort order" value was not set anymore to a value normally you see a value in the list of installed modules, her it was empty.


To solve it I simply remove the module by pressing the remove button and directly afterwards I installed it again via the install button.


So I think somewhere in the SQL some values are lost for these modules, I just don't know why it was removed.


Here is what I see for example how it looks (just a part from it)


Set Account Password account 0   Product Downloads checkout_success     Product Notifications checkout_success     Redirect Old Order checkout_success     Thank You checkout_success     Information Links Block footer 0



and in a working same Edge 2.3.4. it looks like this:


Set Account Password account 100   Redirect Old Order checkout_success 500   Thank You checkout_success 1000   Product Notifications checkout_success 2000 icon_info.gif Product Downloads checkout_success 3000 icon_info.gif Information Links Block footer 0 icon_info.gif

Before I imported the converted 2.3.4 database into the edge database, I dropped all tables, except for configuration. I had to import since it is a database with around 2700 articles.



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