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Developer Recommendations for Upgrading from 2.2 to latest version

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We are running 2.2.MS2 and need to upgrade for OS, MySQL and PHP version reasons.  I'd be very interested in any experience you have with any OsCommerce developer who helped you with your migration/upgrade or implementation.  Obviously, they need to be professional, experienced, thorough, timely and reasonably priced.   Positive or negative experiences welcomed.  Please share.


Thanks in advance.



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The migration can be easy or not, depends about the contribution, the code to update, the date of the release.

It's impossible to tell you if it will be easy., a diagnostic must be make before an upgrade.

My experience depends if the module / integration follow the synthax of the oscommerce code or not. Some website I saw, the code has not follow (for example if you have an oscommerce based on monstertemplate.com for example) and it could be a nightmare to upgrade the system,

the time has a cost. Some people does'nt want to take this element in consideration and wait, wait, wait, wait until ......


Contact me by skype for business
Contact me @gyakutsuki for an answer on the forum

Tuto for 2.4 :
- How to Display a new page with app
- How to make Header Tags under app APP
- How to make a
boostrap modal with external element


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@@kennyk  Ken if it were me I would post in the Commercial Support Enquiries forum on here and then when you get a quote research the developer on the forums here and in the feedback forum.  We should be supporting the developers who are active here.



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I contacted @@burt who transferred all my site over to bootstrap version. That was 12 months ago now, and apart from a few simple easy to put right errors, the site has worked flawlessly with my old database. He did go above and beyond what he was contracted to do, which was a plus. He talked me through setting up the paypal app, and did loads more. He developed the bootstrap version so knows the code inside out. Cant praise him highly enough.


See feedback about him here http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/393097-feedback-for-burt-for-oscbooks-for-osctemplates-for-28dofc/


Before installing the official version of oscommerce first look at a responsive version here

It's very easy to over complicate what are simple things in life

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