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Year Make Model for Bootstrap Edge

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December 2016 - milerwan


v1.4 - 3 filters


1. Removed restrictions of functions getmodel and getyear (bm_year_make_model.php and ymmajax.php).

-> Removed restrictions in "$Make_Model_Year_query" that prevent a product from being listed if it had an empty field ("all") for "Make" or "Model".


2. Add new YMM Filter Board Module for header area (includes/modules/content/header/cm_header_year_make_model.php + templates/year_make_model.php).

-> Perhaps more practical if the size of the screen decreases to keep the filter board visible.


Year Make Model 2.3.4 (BS) with 3 filters - need help - v1.4.zip

Osc v2.3.4 BS "custom"
PHP 7.3 compatible (710 modified files => o_O')

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