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Different payment options by Customer

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Is there an add-on that offers different payment options by customer?


For example, I may want to offer an open account (ie: Net 30 terms) to some customers, but not to all of them. I'd like a way to enable (and disable) this flag in the customer's account (in admin), so that when they place an order, the "open account" payment option is available, but only if this flag is set.


While I'm thinking of it, it would also be nice to have an additional field in the orders table for an optional Purchase Order number.



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There is an Addon for payment by Purchase Order. A client who uses this just added text to the order of "For current account holders only". The occasional customer without an account who tries to use this gets an email with the forms to open an account and a notice that the order will be delayed by 10 days or more while the paperwork goes through, so please call with a credit card number if you want your order quickly. This seems to work well for them and has gotten them several new large accounts.




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I implemented this in my Wholesale SPPC Lite add-on.

You could just use the payment module selection feature and leave the price manipulation out.

If you only need 2 customer groups it will do it.

It's modularized and installation is very easy.


Do the following:

- Upload all new files except:

  • content header module
  • content product-info module
  • shopping_cart_mod.php class

Do only the following modifications or upload and replace:

  • admin/customers.php
  • includes/classes/payment.php

Install module: Admin/store/wholesale

Select the payment modules for retailers/wholesalers

In Admin/customers: Assign customers to wholesale group


You can change the language definitions "Retailer/Wholesaler" in the store module to fit better your usage.





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