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Header Tags Modules

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I am not sure if this has already been discussed in its own thread (not that I can find one) or if covered in more detail in an already existing topic.


Please would someone more informed than me please expain the ins & outs of header tags modules i.e. how they work in relation to page, positioning etc.


This would be helpful to those of us who do not already know or understand how they work.







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HT is used to "inject" data that does not usually (see caveat below) show up on a users screen.


Note that although the name of the system is Header Tags, they can actually be loaded into the Footer of the site as well as the Header.


Typical Examples:

.js for datepicker

.js for popup image

opengraph data

twitter cards


All of these add data that is unseen by human, but is used by machine.  Does it make sense ?



It is possible to manipulate HTML using .js.  

Typical example is the addon I posted up yesterday which turns off the buy now button.


I would say that 99% of the use of a HT module is to do with injecting needed data into a page for machines to use, and by machine I mean the users end device (eg .js for popup image) or google/facebook (eg opengraph).

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one thumbs up for the one posting the question about the big pink elephant in the code


I do not use the responsive bootstrap version since i coded my responsive version earlier, but i have bought every 28d of code package to support burts effort and keep this forum alive (albeit more like on life support).

So if you are still here ? What are you waiting for ?!


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