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Smart Filtering?

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Hi all,


Before I go into development of one, I wanted to ask if one exist.


I want an add-on that will allow:

-- pricing selection via slider (like in woocommerce).

-- selection by attribute (like color for example). Or, perhaps, selection by an arbitrary tag.


Currently I have lots of products and it makes it very difficult for customers to find what they need. Currently I just use lots of categories. This approach has issues:

-- too deeply nested categories are not good for both bots and customers

-- customers don't read -- they like visual representation

-- adding a new product involves copying it to multiple categories



I imagine an add-on that will allow me to have few top-level categories that clearly separate products by type (Mens clothing, Ladies clothing for example). Then, may be a second level that separate by subtype (dress, skirt for example). Then have all of the products shown simultaneously. Customer will adjust the slides for minimum and maximum price and this will narrow down the list of results. Then customers will click on brand selector and this will filter it more down. Then they would click on "black" selector and this will filter it down more. Filter will stay in place until reset by customer.





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Select price with slider.


Shop by price



Filter products by certain attributes.








and there is or was a commercial solution by gadlol but can't find the link to the thread right now.

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Thank you,


I will check them out.



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