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customer able to select collection / order_total module / free delivery

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Hello Everyone, 


I have a shop which is using order total module, and have a free shipping after £150. 


Everything is fine, except i want the option to collect in store to still be available after they have passed the free delivery bracket. 


I have had a look at a few modules, but each one only works with flat rate module and no matter what i do, order total always seems to override it when they reach the free shipping amount.


Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! 


Thanks in advance!



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@@Mikepo not sure if im just being an idiot cos its monday or what but looking at the link, you mention;



Searching the forums I discovered that the easy way to hide a shipping option was to add the following code in the appropriate shipping.php file:

find this:
      if (tep_not_null($this->icon)) $this->quotes['icon'] = tep_image($this->icon, $this->title);


I was looking at ot_shipping.php - is this the file i should be looking at? as i cant find the line you are talking about. 


I also tried adding it to the table.php and nothing worked.


Reading through the second option (as you suggested) it looks like you would be allowing all shipping options to be available after you have reached the free shipping amount. Is it possible to just have collection available regardless of total? 


Sorry hope that made sense? 




Sorry to be a pain.

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I do not know and do not use these options myself, but I would say you should just follow the instructions included in the add-on package:

and not mix up different things from different places.

First I guess you should remove the free shipping option in the ot_shipping (order total) module.

Then the code you were searching is in shipping modules (includes/modules/shipping/...)

ot_shipping is an order total module (includes/modules/order_total/...), that's why you didn't find the code. But you shouldn't try to use this, it will not help you for what you explained you wish to do.


Best regards


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the code you are looking for is in the actual shiping module.  I use the table shipping module to give me free shipping, adapted as mentioned in the adddon.


As Rainer stated, remove the free shipping option in total_orders


hope this helps


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Thanks guys, didnt realise i had a response on here. 


I did as suggested, I removed this from the order total module and used the table module for the free shipping option! 


Thanks for your help guys! 



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