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@@Dan Cole


You stated "My thinking is that having a single mailing list of both customer emails and say prospects/newsletter subscribers would enable me to do this sort of thing".


In regards to your statement, the Customers Export List add-on can do this. It does names, email addresses, birth dates, subscribers, gender, etc. It's an easy install and you can use the list to import at Mailchimp or another email marketer.




Take care


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Thanks Bill...I use that contribution also....I have an external mailing list....mostly none customers as well as my osC customer email list but some are on both....my point was that I wanted one combined list that was hosted internally so I could send targeted emails as well as bulk newsletter type mailings.  The problem I have at the moment is some folks unsubscribe from my external list or maybe even my osC list...not realizing there is a difference and since they are also on the other list, they keep receiving mailings and get annoyed by that....for me I think having one list is the way to go.



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