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2.3.4 gold to edge

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Hi, how made changes in bootstrap gold for upgrade to edge version? its possible?

No external links here, thank you

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Your existing store (in your link) does not appear to be Gold, but an older osC version (2010 or earlier). I understand that there have been many changes from Gold to Edge, so unless you have a production store using Gold, it would probably be easier to just start over with Edge, than to try to convert it.


If you have a Gold store that you want to convert, I don't think there are any upgrade packages for it. You would have to compare file-by-file with Edge, as well as comparing the database schemas for the two, and manually fix up your store. Unless you have heavily customized the Gold code, it might be easier to upgrade just the database, and import it into a fresh Edge installation.

If you are running the "official" osC 2.3.4 or download, your installation is obsolete! Get (stable) Frozen or (unstable) Edge. See also the naming convention and the latest community-supported responsive "Edge" release

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