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Responsive Admin and Shop with 120+ addons

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looking at the start for a responsive admin from gl walker. i liked the looks and feel of this responsive design


for my webshop i also needed a multi store admin. the result is multi store responsive shop and admin with more than 120 addons

along with gl walkers design i also mixed in some elements from TSIMI and Gergely bs admin


Addons are to name a few :


- seperate prices per customer groups ( plus all addons ) SPPC

- html emails for new customer, orders etc

- multi store but can be used as single shop of cource

- content modules for index, product info, contact us etc

- option type for products

- SEO urls

- Headertags

- JAVA ans CSS can loaded from own site or from a CDJNS

- add new order

- Supertracker



i am now at a point that i am a little developer blind. so a fresh pair of eyes should be helpful


All code is from 2.3.4 and 2.3.4. gold. All addons are based on 2.3.4


the files can be found at https://github.com/nieuw1409/admin_responsive


thanks to everybody who made the original addons without them i never could put this together











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I have removed your other two posts saying the exact same thing.

This is a signature that appears on all my posts.  
IF YOU MAKE A POST REQUESTING HELP...please state the exact version
of osCommerce that you are using. THANKS

Get the latest Responsive osCommerce CE (community edition) here

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