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Order Total Admin not displaying right.

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I have been having trouble with the discount module (ot_discount) and have been trying to resolved. 


Something i have noticed since trying to fix is now when you click on the order total under the module section of admin, you cant see the discount module, I click on 'install module' and the INSTALLED module is sitting in that list.. 


I dont know how else to explain it..




Have i deleted something? 


Any help would really be appreciated, as really dont know what i have done here, and without it people cant use discount codes. 





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ive managed to resolve this:


i went into the mysql table CONFIGURATION and found the entry that read MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_INSTALLED in the configuration_key column. 


I noticed that ot_discount.php was not mentioned, so added it in, and presto! its now appearing correctly in admin, and when testing a discount code on site, it is discounting it correctly. 

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