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Paypal check out 500 error from host

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Hey all,


I setup oscommerce and am building my store, I am trying to setup the paypal check out, I got and inserted the API information, when I test it via the Paypal Payment module link, it tests okay, but when you try to check out from the shopping cart, you select Paypal and click continue and *BAM* it goes to 500 error on web host sight.


No idea what I'm doing wrong?





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That type of error can be difficult since it is a catch-all type of error. If I am understanding you correctly, everything works fine and you can place an order with the exception of when the paypal button on the shopping cart page is clicked. If that is not correct, you may want to further troubleshoot it to try to narrow down the failure. But you can also check the shops root to see if there is a file named error_log. If there is, take a look in it to see if there is an error related to the failure. If the log file isn't there, you can check in your hosts control panel to see if there is an error log. If you can't figure out the failure, you can ask your host to explain it. Some will - some won't.

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