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MATC hiccup while java disabled

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For quite some time I used this MATC addon:




I recently discovered some issues with it, only when using the PayPal app (would just go to a blank white page unless terms accepted), so I switched to this one:




I've changed it to work on checkout_payment and for the most part, it works flawlessly.


I do have one hitch though.  It's supposed to work with or without Java, and it works fine on Java-enabled browsers, but I think I've created a glitch for the non-Java aspect of it.  About half the time, it works just like it should - shows an error message if they don't accept, and moves right on along once they do.  The other half of the time, whether they've accepted or not, it says "secure connection failed" on a white page.  As I mentioned, this only occurs with Java disabled.


If it shows the white page, hitting the "back" button and trying again will usually fix it and it goes right on through.


I've only seen this on Firefox, as it's the only browser I can easily toggle Java off/on.


Any ideas what I might have done wrong?


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Appears the issue is because there's no provisions for retaining the payment selection, and there's no default payment selection.  


Java ensures 'something' is checked or the page loops back upon submission.  


However, disable Java, and you can click 'submit' with no payment type selected...which ends with a blank checkout_confirmation page.  With MATC active, if you select a payment method without accepting terms, and then submit, it loops back as it should, but the payment method previously selected is lost. Not realizing that my payment selection had been 'forgotten' I just clicked the acceptance of terms box and then hit submit...and of course I again landed on a white page...


I can set it to have a default method, but that's not really a fix.  It needs to 'remember' the payment choice.  



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I mean javascript.


Firefox: type 'about:config' in the address bar, accept the 'warning', scroll to javascript.enabled and switch the value to false.


With this done, I can move past checkout_payment with nothing selected, and land on a blank, white, checkout_confirmation.  I don't know if it's always been this way, or if I broke it in the past somehow, but I -know- I have a number of customers that use their browsers in this fashion...they've sent me screenshots of products they had questions about.  It's what got me interested in the first place.  


And adding code to define a default method doesn't -really- help either, because if the customer chooses a different method than the default, and fails to accept the terms, when the page loops back, their selection is lost and the default is once again selected.  This is easily missed, because with the browser in this mode, there is no highlighting of the selected method.  So....they'll likely have to go back yet again, and make selection, and accept terms.  It would be best if the selection had a default, but also 'remembered' the customers selection.


Well...I suppose it would be best if a customer paid proper attention to the page, but that may be asking a bit much.  :p

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Get rid of it off checkout_payment as this page does an awful lot, therefore an awful lot can go wrong.  Paypal especially causes problems.


If you have to have it in the checkout process, put it on checkout_shipping.


Also, use a simple tickbox with a required attribute (as part of the form).  

If the user does not tick the box they cannot submit the form, if they cannot submit the form, they cannot buy stuff from you.

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Yes, I'm seeing the wisdom in that at this point.


As far as the ability to make no selection for payment and land on the white checkout_confirmation while javascript is disabled, is that normal?  Or did I break it sometime in the past?

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