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Another paypal problem - Paypal says the invoice has already been paid...

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I have for some time been getting reports (intermittently) that Paypal tell my customer(s) that the invoice has already been paid and then that there is a problem with the merchant account.


I have recently upgraded so it may be that historically ( years ago) that the order number has been used before. Is there a way to change the base order no so that it starts at say 30000?





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I hope I have this right, but heres what I did ages ago.


Go to your shop and complete an order. Once all fully completed go to your database an find the orders table and the order you jsut placed. Change the order number on that order to what ever you want the order numbers to be.


The next order placed should follow on from the one you just created.


You could also try running this on your database, but please backup first.


alter table orders auto_increment = 30000;


That has not been tested.


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tried that and got this.....


This invoice has already been paid. For more information, please contact the merchant.

Your purchase couldn't be completed
There's a problem with the merchant's PayPal account. Please try again later.
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Second time lucky so we will see...


Many Thanks

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@@astecme You need to complete the order with a different module. If you enable the COD or Check/Money Order module and complete it, then next order with paypal should work. Be sure to un-install the module if you had to install it.

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ALTER TABLE `orders`


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OK so it would appear that Paypal has a Looooooong memory and that it remembered order nos from years ago. Altering the base order no as above appears to have fixed this problem.


I would suggest that the docs be updated to sy that if you have had a prior installation then you need to set the base order no. It would even be a great idea to include it in the installation process.

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