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Secure your site with an IP trap - Now I am banned

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@@sunshynecraftsbeads  Glad you got everything sorted. As a mere store owner I find that its really easy to make a mistake when altering oscommerce. Just missing one comma from somewhere will cause an error. Its a steep learning curve when something does go wrong. As you have found out, creating a backup before you start editing is a life saver. I found that out years ago. Before I start editing my site I make a full backup. This is on top of the weekly backups that I make, just for security reasons. If all else fails and you do not have a current backup, some hosts do full site backups daily, and will restore the site to a known day when the site was working.


I also have a test site, on the same hosting, using the same setup as the original store, but using a separate database, in a sub folder or sub domain. All alterations are done on this site first, and once I am happy that they are working correctly, I transfer all the files to the actual site and upload them. Job done. All testing is done off the main site and no one knows if things have gone right or wrong. Customers have not been inconvenienced with the site not working. Create an identical setup to yours in a sub domain or sub folder and give it a try.


Good luck in the future and I hope your experience with oscommerce has not turned you away from the product or this forum. its not really that bad. Just take nothing to heart.


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It's easy to say to yes every question.

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