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What APIs can I call to integrate osCommerce & Salesforce?

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Hi all,

Our company is e-commerce site selling shoes both online & offline. We use Salesforce to manage our customer base and Magento as e-commerce platform. Now we intend to move from Magento to osCommerce as Magento is too slow and buggy.

That's why we also intend to create an in-house integration between osCommerce & Salesforce, something similar to the integration tool we are using now: magento salesforce. It saves us so much time when we can integrate data between the 2 systems (osCommerce & Salesforce). Some mapping fields we have finalized:

+ Name

+ SKUs

+ Email

+ Shipping Address
About 7 mapping fields more we are discussing. Can you show me what APIs can I call to develop the integration tool?

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I would ask Salesforce. They should have more interest in providing you what you need. I hear you on Magento! Magento you really have to pay to play.

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