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Possibility to add items at once into cart

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Is it possible to pick items from a list (Category of items) and this picked list becomes the order? In stead of doing item by item from the front end? 


Is there a add-on which doing this?

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You want to add an entire category (or other group of products) in one action, rather than one at a time? You might search this forum (and the add-ons) for keywords like bundle(s/d) and master product. There may be other keywords that have been used.

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@@Simpel This addon is meant for that. However, if you use attributes for any of the products it may not work as expected. That's because when a product has an attribute, the code goes to the product page so the customer can select the attribute. This is standard behavior and doesn't have anything to do with this addon. There isn't a version for 2.3, and above, versions of oscommerce so you may need to do some converting of the code.

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