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Getting a Hamburger collapsible menu for categories in BS 234?

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I am looking to replace the categories box on mobile sizes for BS234 with a hamburger style menu like you see across most large sites when viewed on a mobile.


I have found the link below that may do it but I'm sure some of the forks may have one built in?



Anyone know where I can get something to implement a mobile menu?


Here is the type of thing I mean, in the top left


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I haven't seen anything that uses the standard categories box on large screens and the navbar for small screens. The Addon you linked to does not. The Categories Module for Modular Navigation Bar (see below) shows a pulldown menu from the navbar for larger screens and the "hamburger" for small screens. There's also one in the latest version of the Edge release, but I haven't looked at it lately. One of those might work for you, or you may need to combine parts of two modules to make it work the way you want.




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I have it implemented here (a bit a different version but it is what you are looking for):



You just need to add this to the category box template:

<div class="panel panel-default visible-md visible-lg">


<div class="panel panel-default hidden-xs">

depending where you wish to show or hide.

Have a look here for more info:



Then use the mobile version of the horizontal menu add-on for mobile view, you can find it here:





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