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POLL - Best Payment Module / Method

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Forgive me if this question has been already answered.


Assuming a running shop on OsCommerce 2.3.4, I'd like to know the experiances of different payment modules.


- integration in OsCommerce (i.e. easy, advanced, hard)

- communication with the payment hoster (i.e. good, fast, slow)

- fees and charges (fair, cheap, expensive)

- pros and cons handling data in the shop or outside, while beeing redirected to the payment hoster

- any kind of experiances with payment modules and OsCommerce


I know that this all depends on what payment method exactly is offered to the customers. I suggest, just put your methods (and perhaps your thoughts why deciding in this way) on the list. Would be nice to get an overview.


Thank's to everybody for sharing.


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