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Looking for an add-on that can get the information from my db that has all my products and have a sell to us in the same page.


I sell lots of trading cards, and I what to buy back from my customers at a lower price then what I am selling. If possible that this add-on would let me set a stock to " lets say 12". So if I have more then 12 cards in stock, the sell to us part will not accept any buys, but is stock is "lets say 8" then the sell to us part allows to buy 4 cards.

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I cant say that I have heard of an addon that can do what you want, but I may be wrong. I take it you have searched and found nothing.If that is the case you may be better off posting in the paid for help section to get what you want. There are many good coders her who will be able to give you what you want.


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