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Paypal Order Emails Not Being Sent

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My Orders thru paypal are showing up in the Admin Panel. But I do not get an email.Does anyone have ideas or that can give me a link to a thread. Ive searched and searched this forum, I know its right under my nose. After user make a order it is not correct redirected to my site, is s redirected to shopping cart but mast to be to checkout_process.php

P.S. PayPal Standard Debug E-Mail


    [osCsid] => n9jnblqfjv6q8hql8n30ofgm51
    [tx] => 8J724338S12081744
    [st] => Completed
    [amt] => 1.00
    [cc] => EUR
    [cm] => 2974
    [item_number] =>




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I have a similar problem.


When a customer places an order, my shop doesn't send an email to me, I assume the customer receives one, as I've not received any complaints.  Paypal notifies me of the order and payment, so at least I can process the order,


to check, I placed an order myself, and my order was placed sucessfully, I received en email addressed to the customer email, paypal sent an email, and I also received an email to the shop email address.  So the process was successful.


A confusing problem.


Anyone got an idea where to start looking?



Happy new year everyone



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If it is just a matter of not receiving a copy of the order email, you need to set the send order email setting in admin. But if the order is not showing up in admin, you need to install the paypal app addon.

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With PayPal (and probably with other, similar payment systems) there has long been a problem with customers not following instructions for how to get back to the store to complete the purchase process, after they have been taken offsite to the payment site. Customers see "payment made" and assume they can just go off to some other site at that point. Maybe that's what's happening to you. Recent versions of osC have had some improvements made to try to detect such situations, but my understanding is that nothing is foolproof. So, if the process works for you, but doesn't for some customers (but not all), I would assume they're not following instructions on how to return to the store to complete the transaction. It might help to put in a big bold notice just before going offsite, reminding customers of the steps they need to take to finish the job. Or, if you're several levels back on your osC, try upgrading to 2.3.4 or 2.3.4BS and see if that reduces the problem. osC can't simply assume that the customer wandered off after completing payment, as they might have decided at the payment step to drop the whole order!

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