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I'm new to asking for HELP on a forum like this and I hope I'm doing this correctly.  I'm 71 years old, I know nothing about coding and my memory is so poor, it's not likely that I will be able to master new skills.

I have 2 OS Commerce websites, one was built 2 years ago but the other was built in 2007.  I need to terminate a webmaster and I can't remember how to change the Password, on my Admin Panel. I used to know how to change it but my memory has failed me. I'm worried that the webmaster will do damage to the site or leave a backdoor, if he learns I plan to fire him.  

Can anyone guide me to the right place, to change the password, on the C-Panel? I don't know if I need to pay to pay for this help or not but I would be very grateful for your help.
PS. At my age, I don't do Tweets and seldom use FB, so social networking isn't my forte.


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Login to the admin site of your shop and have a look at...


Configuration => Administrators



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