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take out welcome guest different ways

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I want to take out the welcome text include the background and border on the index page.


what is the best way to do it???


number 1  (index.php)

I can completely remove it.

<div class="alert alert-info index-pagina">
    <?php echo tep_customer_greeting(); ?>

number 2 (languages/english.php)

I can put 2 slashes in it, to make it invisible.

define('TEXT_GREETING_GUEST', ''); //'Welcome <span class="greetUser">Guest!</span> Would you like to <a href="%s"><u>log yourself in</u></a>? Or would you prefer to <a href="%s"><u>create an account</u></a>?');


and then put the following in user.css

.alert.alert-info.index-pagina {
  background: none!important;
  border: none;  

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