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How can I sell Web hosting using osCommerce?

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Hello, I have seen this great system around for some time now. I have not gone into it as to use it much, but i want to know, if someone can help me. I have a cPanel/WHM reseller account I would like to use osCommerce as a billing system. Is this possible? Could someone please help me? I am not a very good programmer.

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You can use osCommerce;


- sell your hosting services as "products"

- when a person buys, manually set up a hosting account in your Reseller Account



- after a month/year, when the buyer needs to pay for the next month/year, how are you going to do this?

- upgrades, how are you going to do it?

- termination/suspension of hosting accounts? how?


If you are not a very good programmer, use a product that is built for purpose and supports you; WHCMS


If you are still wanting to use osCommerce, start learning it now.

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