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Always show Category in breadcrumbs when on product page.

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If there is another post for this that I have missed, please forgive me. 


I am looking for a code edit so that when you click on a product, you always see the category which it resides in. 


At the moment, it appears correctly when i click on a category page, then select the subcategory then the product.


But the navigation allows customers to bypass the category page and go straight to the subcategory, which then misses the category in the breadcrumbs. 


At the moment by selecting the subcategory the breadcrumbs show:


home >> SubCategory >> Product. 


But I want it to always show the full path, so:


home >> Category >> SubCategory >> Product. 


Any ideas? 


Thank you in advance! 

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You need to ensure that any link direct to a product has either:


1.  the FULL cPath


Breadcrumb:   Top » Catalog » DVD Movies » Thriller » DVD-FRAN


2.  no cPath


Breadcrumb:   Top » Catalog » DVD Movies » Thriller » DVD-FRAN


If you have the cPath and something is missing from it, then you will have a broken breadcrumb:



Top » Catalog » DVD Movies » DVD-FRAN

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Ok, so as you suggested, it is missing out part of the cPath when i bypass the category page.. 

..but how do i get it to correct that? 


Any point in the right direction would be appreciated!  :blush:

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Ok, I think i have fixed this. 


I just edited the link on the navigation! so instead of linking it to :


<a href='/index.php?cPath=" . $subValue['categories_id']."'></a>


i linked it to:


<a href='/index.php?cPath=" . $resultValue['categories_id'] . "_" . $subValue['categories_id']."'>


Thanks for the help Burt! 

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