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16 hours ago, raiwa said:

You can get the price without tax like this:

      $box_price_net = $currencies->display_price($random_product['products_price'], 0);


Hi Rainer,

Thank you, how do I show only image.png.ae11e3f553288bff3395c94f3ce86b32.png

but not image.png.cc59e8c9164f4f2ae540cad46e09415d.png... 



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8 minutes ago, raiwa said:

Where, why?

Hi Rainer,

i modify the file: includes/classes/currencies.php,
show incl GST:  $this->calculate_price($products_price, $products_tax, $quantity)
show excl GST: $this->format($products_price, $quantity)

and with the includes/lauganges/english.php

define('IS_PRODUCT_SHOW_PRICE_SPECIAL', '<del>%s</del> <span class="text-danger">now %s</span>');

includes/modules/boxes/bm_whats_new.php or bm_specials.php

$box_price = sprintf(IS_PRODUCT_SHOW_PRICE_SPECIAL, $currencies->display_price($random_product['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($random_product['products_tax_class_id'])), $currencies->display_price($random_product['specials_new_products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($random_product['products_tax_class_id'])));

this will show up
even with $currencies->display_price($random_product['products_price'], 0)


but I want to show only the 1st line <del>$165.00</del>, then 2nd line $148.50 and 3rd line (10% GST Incl.)

I think in this way, it is neater and easier to view for me.





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The tax info is included through the div class:

    			$format_string .= '<div class="taxinfo"><small>';

duplicate and rename the format function and remove the class. Or remove this div class by javascript where you do not wish to showthe tax info.

I'm sorry. I can't give further support for this customization within this support thread.

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