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I maintain a website that runs its store using osCommerce. The site was developed in 2007 and still uses the version of osCommerce that was then current. The site connects  to PayPal WPP and Express Checkout using the modules contained in osc at the time. In the past couple of months, for no apparent reason, Express Checkout no longer works. Every time a user tries to use Express Checkout osc returns a “MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EC_TEXT_PROCESS_ERROR” message when the user tries to confirm the transaction. The sale is never consummated in osc.

PayPal support says, “the initial SetEC call is going through and the buyer is being redirected to PayPal. The problem is when the module is supposed to do the DoEC call to complete the payment. Either the module is erroring out or there is some sort of connection issue. It is never reaching PayPal, so PayPal has no record of the attempt or an error.”

My attempts to trace the transaction through osc have been futile. Where should I look to track down this problem? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Gerald,


Unfortunately, you are using a very old version of oscommerce which will now start to have lots of issues due to the newer internet coding over the years. If you want to continue using osc, you will need to build out a new site using the newest 2.3.4 version (I would highly recommend the BS version) and transfer your database over to it and upgrade that using the required code. You may get the current site to function for a little while longer as is, but who knows for how long. Your website hosting company has probably changed their PHP version on the server to 5.4 or higher which will most likely cause issues on an older osc version. I would suggest to contact them and see if they recently switched up from 5.3 to 5.4 and if so is it is possible to put you back to the 5.3 PHP version to see if that will work for the short term until you get a new site done up.

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Thanks Leslie,

Thank you for your input. If I may add, you are preaching to the choir. I did not develop the site but now have the responsibility of maintaining it. Large amounts of osc were modified to accommodate peculiar design and functional needs of the site. This has rendered a direct upgrade impossible.


With hundreds of hours of work ahead of me, I am currently looking for some guidance on this one issue to hold it together until I can manage the update. If anyone can tell me where to look for the code that communicates with PayPal Express Checkout it would save me a lot of searching. I have pretty much ruled out the checkout_process file, but the cascading include files makes debugging this issue very confusing.


Jack, thanks for the Google links. I have checked them out, and, unfortunately, the most relevant inquiries have gone unanswered.


My best guess at the moment is, despite numerous osc revisions, the core functionality I am looking for is currently in the same or similar file (class or module?). Where should I look?

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