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changing cpath from underscore to hyphen

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Does anyone know how to go about changing the cpath in the url from say this 144_155 to this 144-155 underscores should not be used in urls now according to SEO




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It is not significant for Google for to analyze the page content, to interprete the cpath like 235 or like 2-35 (2[space]35). You should rather consider to use SEO URLs.




Google has clearly stated that when it comes to URL structure, using hyphens rather than underscores makes it much easier for them to identify what the page is about. Take a look at an excerpt below from the Google support blog on URL structure.
Google Claiming that Hyphens are Preferable to Underscores in URLs

Senior Google Engineer Matt Cutts clearly explains in this Google Webmaster Help Video about underscores in URLs that hyphens are used as word separators while underscores do not specify any function. 

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so in fact, in this particular case, underscore is preferred as the category ids are not words


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