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Holiday-Promotional Message Add-On BS

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Hi, Just installed this module, which was very easy, just copy and paste, and when I go to save it no longer selects the pages , ie, it deselects the pages, I am running the latest ce  on

PHP Version:

7.2.12 (Zend: 3.2.0)

Here is what it looks like after I save, the selected pages are lost:

Any suggestions would be great,





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Hello @nedragdnuos,

I just checked on my test store CE EDGE BS4 under PHP7.2.9 and it works all as it should.


So it must be something with your store.

Anyway be sure you now what you are doing using EDGE BS4.

Almost no add-ons are updated to BS 4. EDGE BS 4 is intended for developers or advanced store owners who are able to update existing add-ons themself.

I do not have time to update my add-ons in the near future for latest EDGE BS4.

Otherwise you may consider to use CE Frozen which is based on BS3 and all recent add-ons should work without problems.

Kind regards

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Hi Raiwa, thanks for the reply,

I did a clean install of oscommerce again from this link: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce

Yours is the first addon I placed and I still got the error, then I did the whole install again and all of a  sudden it started working, I have no idea why but its working and I am not going touch it again LOL.


Thanks for your help and I hope you have a great New Year!



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Updated to Holiday-Promotional Message 2.1.2 BS

Changes version 2.1.2:
- added additional fix in admin/modules_content.php to prevent escape backslash for sql sensitive special characters to be duplicated when edited.

Changes version 2.1.1:
- reverted wrong fix introduced in 2.1.
- applied correct fix in admin/modules_content.php to allow sql sensitive special characters like single quote (apostrophe) in Text definitions.

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