If anyone has read my "Search add-on Reviews" you'd know that I've been playing around with getting the best search function for my shop(s). Since 'Store Search Bar BS' gives the ability to search descriptions and other pages, I'm trying to adapt this to a new shop I'm working on. Using the latest version of Edge (08/30/2017), I've adapted 'Store Search Bar BS' v1.4 to both Edge, and to be a NavBar module (with more than my share of false starts and mistakes, I might add ). I think I have it working now, but ... A NavBar module can have one of three positions: Left, Right, and Home. I'm putting the Search Box in the upper Right corner, so I've selected the 'Right' position. Since I want it as the far-right item in the NavBar, I've used a Sort Order to put it in the far right position. My issue is, I already have two other modules in the Right NavBar position, so I'm limited to the width of the Search Box. This, in and of itself, is not a problem. The problem is, when the user starts to type a search term, the typeahead drop-down 'drops down' but the left edge is aligned with the left edge of the Search Box. This makes the typeahead drop-down extend way off the right edge of the screen. (the right edge of the black NavBar is the right edge of the page). Initially, the width (ie: colored portion) of the typeahead drop-down was the same width as the Search Box (with the text overflowing into space), but I was able to widen it with CSS .typeahead.dropdown-menu { width: 500px; } What I'd like to do is ... have the RIGHT edge of the typeahead drop-down align with the RIGHT edge of the Search Box, *not* the Left edges. Yes, I'm probably going to have to make additional adjustments in sm and xs views ... Any thoughts or ideas? TIA Malcolm (or, I could try to implement word-wrap within the typeahead drop-down, but I'm afraid that would be quite ugly)