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Show Soldout (quantity 0) products rather than remove?

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I was wondering if anyone else has implemented this in their BS/Edge version?



Basically if product quantity gets to 0, to keep the product listing showing on the front end, but show it is Out of stock or sold out, and disable anyone from checking out.



Currently, if product quantity gets to 0, then the product dissapears completely from front end.


I found an old post with this code

<?php if ($product_info['products_quantity'] == 0 ) echo 'this item is currently out of stock, but can be backordered'; ?>

I suppose this could be used twice on the product info page,

once to display a message,


and a second time to disable the "add to cart" button and display a blank button or message.


I suppose for index.php same thing will be needed.

If anyone can advise, let me know.


That old plugin must also specify to show the product listing if in admin its set to "out of stock".





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