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Phone not including

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Hi there,


I need to include the phone in the orders. I know that I have to use the variable PAYMENTREQUEST_n_SHIPTOPHONENUM in SetExpress Checkout, but, Can I get some help about how add it on the params of this function?



    $params = array('VERSION' => $this->api_version,

                      'METHOD' => 'SetExpressCheckout',
                      'RETURNURL' => tep_href_link('ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php', 'osC_Action=retrieve', 'SSL', true, false),
                      'CANCELURL' => tep_href_link('ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php', 'osC_Action=cancel', 'SSL', true, false),
                      'BRANDNAME' => STORE_NAME,
                      'SOLUTIONTYPE' => (MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EXPRESS_ACCOUNT_OPTIONAL == 'True') ? 'Sole' : 'Mark');

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Hi there


I'm guessing that this is not possible in that function - do you want it in the later one at line 621 function doExpressCheckoutPayment($parameters) ???


If so then try this - go up to the before_process() function and add the lines as shown after  $params['PAYMENTREQUEST_0_SHIPTOZIP'] = $order->delivery['postcode']; on or about line 232

                $params['PAYMENTREQUEST_0_SHIPTOZIP'] = $order->delivery['postcode'];
		$params['PAYMENTREQUEST_0_SHIPTOPHONENUM'] = $order->customer['telephone'];// changed your _n_ to _0_

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Thank you. I tried it, but didn't work.


someone from the techical department of PayPal told me about use the variable PAYMENTREQUEST_n_SHIPTOPHONENUM in SetExpress Checkout,


Don't you think it could work. The problem is that I don't know how to add it exactly, I mean, what value I have to assign it?

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