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Logon as Facebook account

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Anyone know any Module for the Client Logon as Facebook account??


Thanks in your advance.


Thanks, Winson

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That means the customer no need to create a OScommerce account, system can create an account in OScommerce using the account info of Facebook.

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A quick search found this




It may need a small bit of alteration to work with the latest versions.


Using either google to search this site or the search box generally will find you something. Dont be scared to use it.


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It's very easy to over complicate what are simple things in life

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FYI...I built a module for that and you should be able to find most of it here...




My bad as my github isn't that tidy....I was learning git and I was under a tight timeline to get the site relaunched...


Those in the addon won't work for sure as FB had a new requirement beginning of this year on re-request due to the permission restriction and what not so the module above should give you a good starting point...also, the current core can't deal with checkout without addresses so you would have to modify the checkout process as well...do checkout the simple register module as well as they kinda go together...


Also, before you venture of this route...consider the pay FB login service as well as make sure that FB login is for your customers...I found older customers least likely to use FB login...

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