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Insert a Direct URL in Filenames.php

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Hey Guys!  Very simple question...  How can I change the links in filenames.php to a direct link...


define('FILENAME_CONTACT_US', 'contact_us.php');


define('??????', 'http://www.domain.com/contact_us.php');


Reason...  I was playing around with the thought of moving my store to a WordPress site, but decided I didn't want to recreate 30,000 attributes so I created a customer service portal in WP and need to direct contact_us.php to that new page.


The page is contained in the domain name in a folder called portal (www.domain.com/portal/contact-us/)


Thank you!!!

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I don't believe something like that would work, i may be wrong. Filenames are all internal links used with the tep_href_link function. You can try inserting the external link directly in the place of tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_US) wherever that call is made.

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@@b2995, I don't know if this address what you are trying to do...but you can do this for sure but not to an external link:


  define('FILENAME_WORDPRESS', 'wordpress/');
  define('FILENAME_SHIPPING', 'wordpress/shipping/');

I had integrated WP with OSC since 2.2 an recently during my BS upgrade I had decided to use WP to manage the front page as well as the rest of the pages as it just make sense to our non-html/css marketing person...


The driver for this was...instead of going to Woo...


1) I was able to keep all the indexed product links the same...

2) I get the best of both worlds and the WP plugins can be accessed from OSC (i.e. front page plugins) and opened up a lot of possibilities...


You can see it in action here...click on the wordpress nav link as well as the bottom shipping info link to see...until the 2.4 release and it will do without the filenames.php then I will just have to come up with another solution...




Just wanted to give you some to think about b4 hopping over to Woo...

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Hi Tim!  Duh!  LOL!  Ok...I just directed my links to the new folder...


define('FILENAME_CONTACT_US', '/portal/contact_us/');


How did you add WP to your OSC site?

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