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School boy error

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I forgot to switch my stores paypal payments standard module back to Live and left it in Sandbox gateway mode.  :-


I then had 3 customers make 'live' purchases and what they thought were live paypal payments.  >_<


I can see the orders in admin but I cant find any reference to these 3 paypal transactions anywhere (sandbox or live) but one customer did send me a screenshot of their confirmation.  :sweating:


I need a little advice....can these transaction be made live (if I find them!) or should I just explain to the customers what happened and ask them to place a new order?



thanks in advance.






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I would suggest to check your PayPal account and confirm nothing came through. If that is the case then you can explain to customers that there was an issue with PayPal payments for a short time through the website and that you can do a request for payment through PayPal for the payment of the order. They will be able to see nothing was as yet was taken out of there PayPal account. You just go into your PayPal account and do a request for payment to their email address for the order total. I would not tell them the exact issue with the website as it is irrelevant to the customer or I would just say something like it was in a testing mode which is the truth and no actual transaction took place.

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