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First a little bit of history...


osCommerce was started back in 1999, with public release in early 2000 (v1) - it was one of the first open source ecommerce platforms, and so brought ecommerce to the masses. It was not easy to setup an ecommerce site inside a few hours and be selling the next day, until Harald, Mark, Jan and others brought osCommerce changed the face of selling online.


Fast forward a few years, and osCommerce is still going strong, now on v2.2.


Fast forward a few more years, and osCommerce is in decline. It's old, it's unloved.  v2.2 is based on a tables system and has lots of old style inline javascript.  It's ancient, and outdated by the standards of a decade ago.


Five years ago a new version is brought out and named 2.3, this added lots of new features and a different layout system based on the 960 grid system.  It still has lots of older style code in it, which means that addons from the 2.2 days can still be used.


Where is osCommerce at right now?



we're at v2.3.4, still based on 960 grid (for layout), using jquery (for javascript functionality) and jqueryui (for certain design aspects).  It still has some inline javascript as well.  This version allows shopowners to use most of the older addons.



we're at v2.3.4(responsive), which is based on Bootstrap (for layout) and using jquery (for javascript functionality).  jqueryui has been removed (shop side).  It is lean and mean, and I want to make it leaner and meaner...


The Future



Plans have been in the works for around 5 years for a 2.4 version that is osCommerce built again from the ground up.  It would have had no relation to 2.2 or 2.3, and therefore no compatibility for any addon.  Mistake to release?  I think so. It would have been an orphaned build, unloved by shopowners (as it has no addons), unloved by developers (as no shopowners to build for).


The new v2.4

With the stellar work done by the community on v2.3.4[r], a decision was made to nuke the "in the works" v2.4 and instead replace it with a "new" 2.4 based on the work done (and in fact still being done) in v2.3.4[r]. 



This is a new build that destroys all compatibility with previous versions.  It has been in the works for many years, and I suspect will be for a good long while yet.  Don't bother waiting for it.


So, which should you, as a shopowner, do next ?


v2.3.4[r] is where all development is presently aimed.  


Upgrade to v2.3.4[r].

  • your shop side will become 100% responsive
  • we work almost every day to optimise the codebase
  • we are adding in aspects that all shopowners require
  • it is easily templatable
  • it is easy to add (well coded) addons (drop in, enter admin, turn on)
  • you can use the older style addons as well (ones that change core code, with mostly cosmetic changes required)
  • you are on the path to 2.4
How to get v2.3.4[r]


Download the GOLD release.

This release is a v2.3.4[r] snapshot that works, and is stable.   If you are not of a technical mind and you do not want to spend time on one by one updates when new code is released, you should choose this version.   At some point, you will update to the next released version (v2.3.5[r]) and this will be easy if you have not changed any core code in the build.   




Download the EDGE release.

This is the latest v2.3.4[r] codebase, with up to the minute you download bugfixes and code changes.   You should choose this version if you are of a technical mind and are able to copy/paste the changes made as they are made.  If you keep on top of updates, you will always have the latest code base and never need to upgrade.

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