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Purchase Without Account Updated & Admin Functionality

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Ok, I just installed this and...


it doesn't work. At all.


The version I downloaded/installed is the March 9, 2009 Full Package (v.2.1).


I followed all of the instructions in the Install Guide text, and even double and triple checked all of the code/files to make sure I had it done right.


And it still doesn't work.



What do I mean by "it doesn't work"?


Well, there is no dummy or guest account. There is no way for a customer to make a purchase without creating an account.


In other words, anyone who would want to buy something, would still have to create an account. Its as if the PWA was never even installed.


If there is anything that needs to be done in the admin panel, that would be nice to know because there's no instructions for that in any of the installation files. And yes, I've cleared my cache and there is still no change.


This is very frustrating.

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I've got a Oscommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a using php 4.4.9


Which version of "Purchase Without Account" should I use ?

Does it make sense to use an old version ?



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I've just loaded this onto my test site in osc 2.3.1. It does seem to be working correctly, except deleting the dummy account. I haven't fully tested a purchase yet, so I'll try to add comments about that when I've finished testing and ready to load it live.


My site is heavily modified. For PWA, I installed the:

  • Purchase Without Account v2.1 - FullPackage faaliyet 9 Mar 2009
  • create_account bug fix reflex-ocasion 8 Oct 2009
  • PWA typo fix double-happiness 1 Feb 2010
  • PWA 2.1 account delete fix JimbobobHacker 27 Sep 2010
  • PWA 2.1 account delete fix B JimbobobHacker 30 Sep 2010

If you did the manual install, editing all of your files, it's good to compare yours to the contribution's, as I found a couple things referenced by the fix on 27 Sep 2010 that were not in the instructions.


I'll have to post more later...

Thank You!!


Using: OSC 2.3.1, Algozone Template, Jcow 5 Pro, CometChat 4 Premium.


Contributions for OSC-2.3.1: QT Pro 4.6.1, Easy Populate EPv2.77a, Admin Notes, Contribution Tracker, Multi-Product Manager, myQBi Quickbooks Sync, Order Editor 5.0.9, Dynamic Sitemap, Tax ID in Order Editor, Separate Pricing Per Customer v4.2.2 ... etc ...


Contributions for OSC-2.2 I've Modified for OSC-2.3.1: Admin Level Account with Categories 2.3.4, File Logging or Email for Failed Admin Login Attempts, Autologon v1.09, Admin Specials by Categories, CCGV 6.0_1, Hide Categories, How Did You Hear About Us, MSRP Listing, Multiple Sales Per Product, osc as info site, OSC Checkout Security Boost v1.1, Points and Rewards Module, Quick Stock Updater, Quick Updates 292, RMA Returns System 2.6, Show Unit Price, Store Mode, Supplier Admin v1.3, Tell A Friend, Required Customer Details v22rc2a, Admin Change Customers Password v3.3, PDF Invoice & PackingSlip 1.6, Quick Price Updates for SPPC v1.5, Country-State Selector v1.5.5 + Limit Countries v2.2, Contact Us Popup Business Card, No Right Click, Delete Customer Account v1.2, Control Login v2.2, Member Type Control v1.1, .... etc...

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Hello, I am trying to use the auto-installer but I don't have a file:




Any suggestions?



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