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Tom Naff

Stripe 1.1 Module AddOn

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I have installed the Stripe 1.1 payment module on my CRE Loaded B2B 6.4.1a osCommerce 2.3 site, naffs-kingdom-cat-shop.com, and am having difficulty testing the API server connection. I get an error message as follows:




Failed! Please review the Verify SSL Certificate settings and try again.


I also receive a debug email stating:



[comments] =>


The module docs say...


"A test connection link is available on the payment module configuration page which can be used to test if API transaction calls to Stripe can be verified from your web server. If the test connection fails, please contact your hosting provider as they may need to update your web server configuration. The SSL certificate verification can also be disabled on the payment module configuration page however it is highly discouraged to disable.

Some web hosting providers require a curl proxy to be used which can be configured on the payment module configuration page."


I have contacted my hosting company via chat and am enclosing the dialog for your inspection.

(12:16 pm) [Andrew W.] Welcome to HostGator LiveChat. I am Andrew and I'd be glad to assist you today.
(12:17 pm) [Andrew W.] I can verify the SSL is on the domain and cPanel has it assigned
(12:18 pm) [Tom Naff]: Why, then, is the server connection test continually failing?
(12:19 pm) [Andrew W.] Is the connection failing between the script and the database ?
(12:20 pm) [Tom Naff]: Don't know. As far as I can tell, the module is installed and configured correctly.
(12:22 pm) [Tom Naff]: Would you like to see the sites admin section?
(12:22 pm) [Andrew W.] I am not familar with your script, but i might have a better understanding if you can help me replicate the error. What is the URL with that error?
(12:25 pm) [Tom Naff]: It is apparently a javascript function triggered here...
(12:27 pm) [Andrew W.] Can you step me through it starting at the log in page with the credentials ?
(12:27 pm) [Tom Naff]: one moment.
(12:28 pm) [Tom Naff]: website:

(12:29 pm) [Tom Naff]: Navigate to modules/payment/stripe
(12:30 pm) [Tom Naff]: press "Test API Server Connection"
(12:32 pm) [Andrew W.] Thank you
(12:35 pm) [Andrew W.] Once I am logged in what do i click
(12:35 pm) [Andrew W.] I'm sorry i see Test API Server Connection now
(12:39 pm) [Andrew W.] I'm going to see if i can find some documentation on this. Thank you for helping me see the error.
(12:39 pm) [Andrew W.] Does this API vendor provide support ? They will know right away where the issue is.
(12:40 pm) [Tom Naff]: I am sure they do...I tried you first because the error message referred to the server.
(12:44 pm) [Andrew W.] The good thing about your hosting account is that it's on a shared server. Which means your services are always monitored by our admins. Every thing is working correctly. I'm just going to check your domain name for SSL
(12:44 pm) [Andrew W.] And that is looking good too :
(12:44 pm) [Andrew W.] I'm sure your API vendor can assist you , i'm sorry i was not able to solve this for you.
(12:45 pm) [Tom Naff]: OK...many thanks.
(12:45 pm) [system] Chat closed by customer request.


I then (finally) got a response from the API vendor…as follows:


Thanks for writing in about this, I'm happy to help! First off, I'm very sorry for the delay. We pride ourselves with fast customer service, but we clearly dropped the ball here. I know how frustrating it is to have to wait for a reply, so I'm working on ways to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Unfortunately this error seems to be returned by oscommerce directly or the plugin you added to use Stripe and this was not written by us so we can't provide any support for it. I would advise you to get in touch directly with the developers of that plugin to see if they could help you debug this further.

I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for your at the moment but please do not hesitate to write back to me if you need help with anything else.


Please tell me what to do to make this work for me.


Many thanks…


Tom Naff

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