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Blue Penguin

Create a new HTML page for language mods at oscommerce.com

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I would propose an update to the website for the 3.0 release that would at least give us links for each country that then load a page of mods that are associated with that country only.  


Since there is a need to update the mods for the latest version of a release. It can become painful to have to search for a particular country mod and get the right update or pieces to group together to allow your store to work in that language.  Especially if that country was only added once.


Better idea - create a form submission language pack generator

An even better system would list out all of the components of the tool that need to be defined for each language and then generate a "language pack" based on the text entered into the form.


So if there are 300 sentences that would normally be included in a language pack, a form with all 300 sentences would appear.  This form would populate itself from a database or fixed PHP page.  If anyone wanted to submit new or "better" translations for that sentence they could by proposal through the forums in a post to the language forum.


In any event one would be able to hand correct the sentences on the form before generating the language package to download.  As the language package creation process is then automated it could be changed for each release and any missing sentences would immediately be known via "form text box highlighting" and warning ("This box is empty, please fill in a sentence").  Using a base language of English as the form box title it should be fairly simple to understand for any one who wishes to create content in their language.  (does google translate have an API to help with that?)




Having a form submission process would then provide 2 things. A clean interface for everyone to customize the language of their shop, and a data collection process of all of the content used for shops.


So basically we are polling our user base for suggestions on translations.  If the data is collected from the form submission, problematic areas of the store become more apparent as they would have the most changes submitted.  And participation in language translation becomes a non technical request that doesn't require one to have to know how to create a mod in order to share.


In addition depending on what gets submitted a drop down list of alternates that have been used before could be included as possible suggestions.  Truly leveraging the strength of the community.  Further if a particular item has 100+ alternates, perhaps its time to create an admin option to rename it in the backend as well as this is something that people tend to do. 


-Blue Penguin 



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