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Blue Penguin

admin -> modules -> boxes; create a GUI?

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I could not find any posts on this using search so I will create a new post. 

admin -> modules -> boxes



Currently the way in which the order one places the boxes on the store can be troublesome.  Although sort order is effective if you understand how to use it right, you are penalized by having duplicate items with the same number.



1. add a "sort by" function to the headings.  If one clicks on Modules in the heading it will sort the list of box names according to A-Z and then with a second click Z-A.  If one clicks on the sort order it will sort the numbers ascending from 1..N and second click descending from N..1.


In this way at least one can check if they have 2 boxes with the same number by clicking on "Sort Order"




2. Create a graphical layout and allow drag dropping components from one area to the other instead of having to deal with numbers.  Allow any placement with "jump to guide/grid"


2.a. An alternative might be to have columns (left, right) and a add item dialogue button that allows you to add the box modules under that side.  The order in which the box module name appears in the list is how it will appear in the store.  With jQuery this might be made easier as drag drop should be able to allow moving then to change their order.


I believe word press admin has a functional example of this technology.



-Blue Penguin 

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This seems like a good idea, so can i suggest that you get it coded up and then let the core team see a demo of this in action. This will enable them to make a fair decision whether to add this to the core code.


Make it as good as you can to get it included.


Before installing the official version of oscommerce first look at a responsive version here

It's very easy to over complicate what are simple things in life

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Hi all,


first we need to change codebase at admin. Issues are discovered in template structure when figured out BS admin. I more prefer v3 system for these features..

The track is free for everybody to figure out anything on github.

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