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FEDEX Shipping Module - which one to use for OSC 2.2RC2?

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I need to setup a fedex module on a 2.2RC2 stie.


The module that is in the shipping directory is named fedex1.php. It has the following at the beginning of the file:


Version 2.04 for MS2 and earlier
osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions
Copyright © 2002, 2003 Steve Fatula of Fatula Consulting

When, I activate it, I get a BLANK screen which indicates to me that something failed - but it does display the control panel when you go BACK to it. -- So, I don't trust it.




There are numerous addons when I search for "Fedex" for OSC Version 2.2, I can't tell from the names which are actually Fedex shipping modules or which one to use.


Can someone please make a recommendation?


Can you tell me if there's an update to the Fedex module that came with OSC Version 2.2 RC2?


Thank you!

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