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PayPal - checkout not complete but order is registered.

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Another PP issue....


I was setting up the payment modules (PayPal Standard v3.2) for my osC BS store and i was going forth and back between the checkout pages (shipping, payment and confirmation) when i realized that

i have a new order registered in the admin area before even completing the checkout process.

Let's say i make a test and click through until i reach the checkout confirmation page. Then i click on the checkout shipping inside the process bar and go back at this point i have that order inside the admin Orders area let's say order number 10.

Now i do tho whole thing again then order number 10 get's overwritten with order number 11.

It seems like when using PP Standard and going past the checkout_payment page the order gets generated. Makes no sense to me since with PP Standard the payment process starts "after" i click on the confirm order button.


Can anyone confirm this behaviour or is it just my store?

If yes, is there a fix or solution for this?




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Just found this comment from the latest PP App documentation.



If the customer did not finalize the payment at PayPal and does not return back to the store, the order remains in the database with the Preparing [PayPal Standard] order status and can be safely deleted after a period of time.


Is there no other way to handle this? Auto delete order if not completed or something like that?

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That is just the default behavior for PP standard.  As soon as you go from checkout_payment to checkout_confirmation the order is entered into the database.  Just make sure you don't process it until you are sure they have completed their order.  Usually it will be updated to a completed status when they return to your site or via the standard_ipn file.


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Hi Matt


the stupid thing is it gets recorded as sale in the revenue statistic and it is visible in the my account -> order history. If i delete it the revenue sale stays, in the history it goes away of course. Imagine the customers reaction if he sees an order that he hasn't completed.

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OK I set the Order Status PayPal[standard] to not show in the customers history.


:unchecked: Show the order to the customer at this order status level


That solves at least one issue, the other been recorded into sales statistics...well I guess i will have to clean them out and recalculate the total.

Right now it is not that i get overrun by customers so it is still an easy task but later on.....will need to figure out something I guess...


Thanks for the help, case closed!

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